The New Facebook for Outdoors Lovers



    Velarre Is the New Facebook for Outdoors Lovers


    “First and only hunting social site that works”

     “Would highly recommend it for any outdoors men and women”


    Have you ever wanted to connect with likeminded people who love the great outdoors as much as you do? With this new app, that is easier than ever. Velarre is a one-stop shop for anyone with a passion for hunting, fishing, hiking or other outdoor activities.

     The budding community launched this August and is already gaining traction within the outdoors circles. It is a puzzling fact that for such a strong and large community, there has never been a central platform - one where you could really feel at home. Well, the wait is over:

     Velarre is the first-ever all-purpose platform made by outdoors lovers for outdoors lovers.

     Here are 8 things you can do with Velarre:



    • Post your photos and videos - and follow others

      A no-brainer for any social app, Velarre is the perfect place to share your hunting & fishing trophies, the most recent peak you’ve scaled or simply yourself, enjoying nature.

     Unlike Facebook, Velarre offers several options to filter your feed, including or excluding community posts, friends, pictures, videos and many more.

    • Join groups for your interests

     If you want to connect more closely, Velarre groups are meant for like-minded people to talk about a common topic. And if you don’t find one for your specific interest - why not start one and find people who are into it as well?

    • Post classified ads

    With a community of nature lovers, posting related ads is the best way for them to be seen by people most likely to buy. And unlike Facebook, there are no restrictions on items being sold! Finally, hunters and gun enthusiasts will have a reliable second-hand marketplace that won’t turn on them.

    • Publish your own blog

    Want to share your adventures with the world? Start your own blog on Velarre and share your knowledge, insights and experience with many eager followers.

    • Join the discussion on the forums

    Got something on your mind? Want an opinion about a piece of equipment, or a destination? Sign in to our forums and ask the community. Or, if you’re an expert yourself, help newcomers with problems you overcame long ago.

    • Chat with other members directly in-app

    Velarre also offers the option of direct chat - without requiring a second app to do it. You can add your real-life friends (or those you met on the app or elsewhere online) and start a private conversation with them.

    • Create and answer polls

    Want to get the opinion of the whole community? Creating a poll is a great way to do just that. Another feature that Facebook removed, it is one of the core elements at your hands using Velarre.

    • Promote events

    Even though events may be suffering a forced downtime at the moment, you can still create and share them on Velarre. After all, they are the best way to meet like-minded people! You can organize local meet-ups, trips and more.

    If you’re an outdoors lover of any kind, give Velarre a shot - it might just become the most clicked app on your phone.


    If you want to try out Velarre, you can download the app on Google Play and Apple App Store, or join via the website.