Bobcat Takes on Rattlesnake in Epic Trail Cam Video

  • Bobcat Takes on Rattlesnake in Epic Trail Cam Video


    Trail cameras are amazing inventions. They give us a behind the scenes view of nature. We see things that many people in the past never got a chance to see, like this video depicting the epic struggle between a bobcat and a rattlesnake.

    The video was posted to Facebook by Robert Martinez. The video was taken in It shows a bobcat looking for a quick meal, but choosing a dangerous one. Angeles National Forest and it gets pretty intense.


    As you can see the cat is able to dispatch the snake and now has a tasty meal. Just think if it was not for train cameras then we would not get to witness such an amazing interaction.

    This is one of the reasons I love hunting I get to spend hours out in the woods surrounded by nature. It is a fulfilling adventure and spiritual time. These are two of the motivations for hunting that I talk about in my book, Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter.

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