Huntress kills Whitetail

  • Huntress Kills Whitetail with a Spear


    Challenge is one of the motivations that drive hunters into the great outdoors. Hunting by itself is not easy, and many many hunters make it even harder on themselves by limiting themselves and making it even harder.

    The reason they do this is that the payoff for success is so sweet. I talk all about his concept in my book, Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter, along with how challenge meshes with the other motivations to make up a complete hunter.

    This brings me to Angie Kokes a dedicated huntress that has taken to the woods with a spear. Based on what she has written on her Facebook page shows me that the challenge of the hunt is a big part of her life and she has defiantly risen to the challenge.

    On October 6th she posted the picture of a bloody spear with just the caption “#3 has fallen.” She followed up the post with a picture of her doe and a recap of the hunt.


    Here she is, my third whitetail with a spear! Down at 21 yards from my stand within sight. It’s a hot mess pic because I can’t exactly call Adam who’s farming and say can you come help…that would be a no beano! This is not the blowhole…she stood 10 yards out but was starting to get edgy when I decided to take the closer doe. Ironically blowhole, simply turned and walked away, I was grabbing for the second spear and hoping for a double, but not tonight. Her days are numbered for sure now, but I think I’ll wait till it cools down a bit, boning a deer out wasn’t any fun at 80 degrees.


    The blowhole remark refers to a doe that has been busting her in the stand the last few hunts keeping the other deer from coming into the five yards ring she has to throw. In another Facebook post, she threatened to get out the bow and put an end to her blowing.

    Congratulations Angie, keep up the good work and throw straight.

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